DOA offers corporate advisory and general commercial legal services to local and offshore companies.

We are focused on providing practical solutions to everyday corporate issues. We operate as our clients’ one-stop shop on corporate matters and craft solutions to serve our clients’ interests.

We also offer offshore companies’registration and management services in locations such as the British Virgin Islands, Panama etc. which are increasingly becoming attractive jurisdictions for the establishment of off-shore corporations.

Among the many advantages are the ease and speed with which a company may be registered, flexible and modern regulations as contained in the Ordinance, and the absence of any taxation on the operations or income of such companies other than a yearly License Fee.

We offer Company Secretarial Services and our team counsels clients on transaction structuring and negotiation, methodical due diligence, careful documentation, and thorough attention to Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) matters, securities filings, and corporate governance issues.

With dedicated experts on our Mergers and Acquisitions Team, we provide responsive and comprehensive legal services to public and private companies in their merger and acquisition transactions.